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Legacy & Partners successful cases

Properties returned during years 2000-2018 (partial list):

  • Poland, Rzeszow – ul. Rynek – 3 buildings residential complex. Good condition, all rented.
  • Poland, Warszawa – US Embassy – returned to family of earl Radziwil.
  • Poland, Lodz – ul. Lipowa – large residential building with storage barn and parking area.
  • Poland, Krakow – ul. Kraciskiego in Podgorze area. 5 Floor residential building. Next to a park, walking distance to the wisla river.
  • Poland, Lodz – ul. Pietrekowska, 3 Floors Business and residential building, 65 rented apartments, 5 newly renovated business locations on street level.
  • Poland, Krakow – ul. Wietora in Karzimierz area. 4 Floor residential building. Good condition, near the wisla river.
  • Poland, Krakow – ul. Kolantaja,  4 Floor large residential building. Good condition, occupied by paying rent tenants.
  • Poland Katowice – ul. Rynek – residential and commercial property. Top location.
  • Poland, Strzelno - ul.  Szkolna (Residential complex, land and barn).
  • Poland, Warszawa - Al. Róż  - British Embassy.
  • Poland, Warszawa - Blue Palace – earls Zamoyscy (won in the Supreme Court – a precedent and favorable case for former owners.
  • Poland, Warszawa - Krakow Bishops Palace – Social Insurance Institution (on Senatorska/Miodowa).
  • Poland, Warszawa – ul. Nowogrodzka – seat of Solidarity Press Foundation (undeveloped plot) – family of earl Tarnowski.
  • Poland, Warszawa - Residence of the US Ambassador.
  • Debica, Poland - Main Synagogue.  Project of changing the place from being a  commercial store to a Jewish Museum and Local cultural center. Project started to move on with city Major and with Krakow Jewish community.  Currently property  is no longer a commercial  center while project is expected to  be approved by the Polish authorities, which deal with changes at historical sites.

  • Poland, Warszawa - Al. Ujazdowskie 19 (residential house) – family of earls Trębiccy and dukes Puzyna.
  • Poland, Warszawa - No. 6 Wilcza St. (residential house).
  • Poland, Warszawa - Al. Solidarności 61 (hotel).
  • Poland, Zywiec - - Brewery in ŻYWIEC  - case regarding the return of a Brewery in ŻYWIEC to the family of Archdukes Habsburgs – (ended with an out of court settlement).
  • Poland, Kurowice - Mansion-park complex KUROWICE (family of earls Trębiccy).
  • Poland, Borek - mansion-park complex in BOREK FAŁĘCKI in KRAKOW (family of Prof. Ziobrowski).
  • Poland, Przeclaw - palace-park complex in PRZECŁAW (family of earls Potoccy and Rey).
  • Industrial Nationalization by Polish Treasury - Sugar and Chocolate Factory “KRYSZTAŁ” in Krakow (returned real estate).

  • Now Is The Time To Reclaim Your Legacy

    If your family ever owned property or a business in Poland or in any East European country, and you thought it was too late to regain what is rightfully yours, this message is for you. Legacy is an organization specializing in retrieving assets for those who have lost them due to historical, political, and economic changes in the region. From offices in Poland, Israel and the US,  Legacy proceeds with property search, management of legal claims in courts and represents clients which strive to gain justice after all those years.

    Aside from the emotional connection to your family's past and the financial aspects, owning property in Poland can also present business opportunities within the European Community – opportunities that rightfully belong to you.

    Personal Expertise in Retrieving Property

    Legacy is an organization which has been operating since 2002. It specializes in  a complete and comprehensive legal and administrative service for private individuals  who have made the decision to locate and reclaim their family assets in Poland or in any other East European country of origin.

    Legacy was founded by Solomon Taub and Polish lawyers partners, all graduates of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.  Solomon Taub is a graduate of the State University of NY in Business Administration and Economics. Legacy lawyers have  accumulated substantial experience  over some 20 years  in the field of locating and analyzing ownership of properties in East Europe.  The claiming and retrieving of nationalized, confiscated or stolen private properties, lands and businesses is our area of expertise.  The complex legal issues involved call for a personal touch combined with complete understanding  of the local 'business culture' and the local legal system.

    Legacy's reliable and experienced personnel can help you reclaim your property without getting caught up and delayed in time consuming legal issues.  Through Legacy, you will learn firsthand how to proceed with your claim, in order to save unnecessary costs and time.

    If your country of origin belongs to the EU  – It's Time to Act

    Among the 28 countries which currently are members of the EU, there are 11 East European countries, which have joined since 2004.  Most of these countries, and especially Poland, are enjoying economic growth, and in most of them land values are booming. Legacy has already helped families in Israel, the US and Canada to reclaim and inherit  lost real estate, allowing their heirs to either sell the property, to enjoy a monthly rental income or receive compensation. Legacy is also qualified  in assisting with the sale or management  of your property, including helping you acquire citizenship in any East European country if required.

    Contact our offices today and find out how to reclaim your family's legacy.

Legacy Introduction Video