• The staff at Legacy offers you a realistic evaluation of the feasibility of successful retrieval of your property before a substantial investment is made on your part.

    While dealing with the retrieval of his own family assets, Mr. Solomon Taub realized the absence of and the necessity for an organization with unique expertise in this field. The complicated legal issues involved in retrieving property require a personal touch incorporated with expert legal knowledge as laws differ from region to region. This expertise enables Legacy to successfully retrieve assets quickly and efficiently with a minimum of outlay.

    Legacy lawyers are fully aware of the long period of time which has elapsed since families were forcefully evacuated from their homes, and they are also aware that most of the properties which were evacuated since 1945, have local families living in them. Many of these families have registered their name at local L&M offices as the legal owners. Legacy Lawyers   are experienced in dealing with such cases despite the complicated and sometimes lengthy legal measures that may be involved.

    A potential for a business opportunity

    The Poland of today is a modern state with a great potential for growth, especially since its entry into the European Union.

    Legacy aims to locate the property, to identify living heirs and to legally free the property of any legal or illegal possession by foreign possessors.

    Research conducted by the State of Israel, revealed that the value of Jewish owned properties in Europe before 1939 was 145 billion US$ (at today's prices).  Ninety-five percent of this amount relates to privately owned Real Estate. There is a severe danger that this property may be lost forever if claims are not made immediately.

    Descendants who successfully regain the registered ownership of family property can either sell the property or enjoy a monthly income from the rental. Legacy is uniquely qualified to assist in the selling of property and the management of rented sites.

    Now is the time to act

    Since 2004, when Poland  joined the EU, it is amazing to see how Poland has adjusted to the new era, while successfully continuing to maintain its economy boom, despite the situation in other countries at the region.

    Legacy is aware that regulations can change unexpectedly and the possibility to claim may be stopped. Meanwhile, new cases are being reviewed at local courts in Poland, many of those cases end successfully when registered on legal heir's name,  while land values are booming.

    Please don't hesitate to contact our offices today and find out how to reclaim your family's legacy.

    Legacy also operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Rumania, Lithuania, Latvia and more.