When Poland joined the European Community in 2004, substantial interest was generated among citizens of Polish origin and also among the younger generation of Holocaust survivors who sought to reclaim their rights and receive European citizenship.

Legacy specializes in cases related to Polish citizenship claims. We help people of Polish origin who are entitled to obtain Polish citizenship and a Polish passport. Our offices located in Poland enable us to be effective and efficient when providing such legal assistance.

Once a person has obtained Polish citizenship, he may contact the nearest Polish consulate and apply for a European passport. 

We can also assist with this application and the completion of the necessary procedures until the Passport is obtained.

Please fill out a Citizenship Registration Form and find out about your rights to obtain Polish citizenship.
Do not forget to submit with your form, a clear family tree, as it is important to define at the very first stage of the analysis, your connection as an interesred party - to the ancestor in the family which enables you a legal right to claim Polish citizenship.